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Special Illustrations

Ronan Yoko- Uber Class Artist, Ronan Yoko. While not many due to constant danger, Ronan spent his leisure days being a painter. His favorite scenes symbolized peace since that is what he longed for. Before passing, Ronan helped to free an entire region from tyrant rule.

Erin & Deli Celebration- Deli, my former female lead celebrates with Erin for launching her DTIYS contest. If you'd like details about the contest, click here. 

Colored Page- Page 18 from Art of War Chapter 6. This page is beautifully colored by a professional freelance colorist named Will Tengen. Will paints and colors manga pages for the hit manga, Jujutsu Kaisen. 

Colored Pages- Pages 15 & 16 from Art of War Chapter 8. Outdoing himself, 2 more brilliant pages by Will Tengen!

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